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Capture One 20

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Capture One 20

Capture One still manages the editing of RAW image files. The expertise in creating custom color profiles for over 400 cameras, combined with a constant commitment to creative freedom, has recognized Capture Ones’ workflow, superior color processing and precision editing tools. We are ambitious in developing our software to help you achieve a creative vision while working smoothly and efficiently; provides professionals with the ability to choose image editing software.
Complete control
Each Capture One tool is designed to fully control all aspects of the editing process – maintaining, restoring and optimizing all the data in your RAW files. The full range of tools offers great opportunities to achieve perfect results.

The advantage of RAW
Capturing RAW files offers a wide variety of options for uploading images because RAW files contain all the data recorded by your camera. Capture One focuses on maximizing RAW files. All supported camera models and lenses have custom profiles to ensure the best color and detail. Capture One provides a solid solution for editing supported RAW files.

Anchor capture
Capture Ones industry-leading capture is fast, flexible and reliable for those photo sessions where speed and accuracy are important. Shoot directly on your computer for an almost instant viewing experience – with or without instant adjustments. Enable Live View for easier compositing while taking photos.

Workflow and performance
From customizable tools, shortcuts to accelerated graphics and instant understanding – Capture One is designed to reduce workload and maximize performance. Design your own workspace and make your own decisions in Capture One.


It’s about color
Capture One is known for its exceptional color handling. Custom camera profiles make each RAW file shine directly from the camera. Whether you are looking for creative color sorting tools or want to ensure natural colors in your images, Capture One offers powerful and accurate tools for your vision.

Workflow and performance
Customizable tools and keys for accelerating and instant graphics; Capture One is designed to minimize workload and maximize your efficiency. Design your own workspace and find your own path in Capture One

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